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Fidel Tastro Music to move hearts and unite souls Dear Visitors, Welcome to our website. Here you can get to know us, listen to a little of our music, read some comments on our music and, of course, find out what we can offer you ……and, who knows, we may even have the pleasure of playing for you! Let us begin by introducing ourselves: Jörg Hansert – Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin “From my earliest days I dreamt of a life as a travelling musician. Since that time, the discovery of other musical traditions has become an important part of my life. After having tried my hand at various stringed instruments, I finally settled on the fiddle, and, at the end of the 80´s, we – my fiddle and I – found our way to the west coast of Ireland – the Promised Land of the fiddlers! The wild coast of the island, the independently minded people and above all, their natural and uncomplicated style of playing traditional music made a lasting impression on me. Later, my musical ramblings took me to eastern Europe, where my love of music opened many a door - and many a heart - to me. Indeed, I often discovered wonderful places and friends off the beaten track, which have become inseparably woven into my music.” Daniela Hansert – Accordion and Flute “ I can still remember how fascinated I was when I first went to a concert given by a lady playing the accordion. With a burst of childhood energy, I broke open my piggy-bank in order to buy my first instrument. I was nine years old at the time. This special feeling has never left me, and from the local accordion club I went on to study classical music. In addition, I studied music teaching, which today gives me the opportunity to pass on this wonderful music. However, I found real fulfilment when I began to mix with folk musicians. I traveled off the beaten track, above all in the Balkan countries, and their unique pulsating rhythm, so full of life, kept drawing me under its spell and finally turned me into an enthusiastic interpreter of traditional music. Lutz Hovestadt – Double Bass When I was 16, friends asked me whether I fancied playing in a rock band. I would have liked to, but unfortunately I couldn't play bass. In reply to my objections, they said to me “It's quite simple – it has only 4 strings” So I began to play in the group but also took lessons, just to play safe. My “rock career” ended, however, when I came into contact with jazz music. Fascinated by the sound, I switched to double bass and played in various combos and big-bands. When I moved to Lahr because of my work, I again looked around for a band to play with. I got to know Joerg and Dani by chance and joined Fidel Tastro. I was soon taken by the multifaceted music with its unusual rhythms and beautiful melodies, and this enthusiasm was due in no small part to the friendly relationship with Joerg and Dani. We play for: Concerts Town Festivals Dance Festivals Weddings Private and Business Parties Opening DaysEvenings for Art/Cultural Exhibitions Craft Fairs Thanks to our extensive contacts, we can help you to find suitable rooms, catering service, renting tents etc, Just speak to us about your requirements. About our music On accordion, fiddle and double bass, we play a music which is inspired by the rich and varied traditions of both eastern and western Europe. We invite you to an Italian Tarentella, move on to a Swedish Polka, discover a French Bouree and go hunting (musically!) together through the vast Bulgarian countryside. In our repertoire you will find waltzes, tangos, pajduskos, horas, klezmers, jigs, polkas and much more. Depending on the occasion, we can perform as a duo or trio for you. We are the perfect musical accompaniment for your festivities and by encouraging your guests to join in our simple dances we get everybody involved. In concert situations we like to invite guest musicians from our extensive circle of international musicians. Our CD Our first album “Valce Boda” can be ordered by email from us. It includes numbers from France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Galicia and other regions, and gives you a good overview of our very varied live programme. The CD is also enriched by its wide instrumentation and diverse guest musicians. Projects and Bands Freefolk In the following musical sampler, which I call “Freefolk ” , I have realized my dream to create my own compositions, using a variety of instruments, based on my extensive experience with the traditional music of various and varied cultures. Joerg Hansert: fiddle, guitar, tables, cajon, keyboards, vocals. BANDS Trap the Gap The four musicians of “Trap the Gap” have been playing together for almost a decade now. Rooted in the Irish music at the beginning, the band has now expanded far beyond the pure traditional music with sophisticated arrangements of their own. Countless national and international festivals are proof of the great instrumental finesse and infectious playing of the group. They have managed to achieve a fine balance between traditional reels and jigs played with great verve and their own attractive compositions. Each of the musicians reveals his devotion to music on the various instruments, creating the most various musical combinations and tone colours during concerts, which will draw you also under its spell! A.Specker: vocals, keyboard, bodhran S. Peter: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, saxaphone Joerg Hansert: fiddle, guitar, mandola D. Tari: bouzouki, mandoline, banjo Ha'penny Bridge This group proves the fact that Irish music has meanwhile taken on a truly international character – an Irishman, two Frenchmen and a German make up the band. George Carruthers has brought with him from his homeland an impressive repetoire of English and Gaelic songs which he performs in a variety of styles while captivating the public with his native charm and wit. He also plays the concertina, an instrument which he claims can only be played properly by the devil and its English inventor! Thierry Denni from Alsace is an undisputed master of the Irish wooden transverse flute. As a member of different groups he developed various traditional styles and his virtuosity and playing has been an important influence in the development of the group's unique style since its inception in 1986. Patrick Duboue from Strasbourg was first influenced by jazz and rock music until he came into contact with Irish music while playing bluegrass in the eighties. He is a highly respected exponent and teacher of the Irish DADGAD method of guitar accompaniment, and his rhythmical harmony on both guitar and bouzouki give that indefinable “lift” to the group's music. Joerg Hansert from the German side of the great river Rhine, is a multi-instrumentalist, but above all a highly talented fiddler, and is also a member of various other bands. He lived for a long time on the west coast of Ireland where he developed his traditional style playing with the finest local musicians. His strong but finely embellished playing has given the group a new dynamism since he joined it in 1997. Pebble Stones (English) The Pebble Stones connect the rough edged of British Folk rock with the feeling the Punk guitar rock the middle 80s(“Smiths” and Epigonen). Man gives what the Song writing has with a Pinch of U2. then Man knows a little of how a Evening with the Pebble Stones goes. The limitation to acoustic Instruments makes the sound transparent and in this lies the charm off the Music, witch is a music that is held back but actually is a music with great Intensity. From there first Concert with the complete formation of 5 persons rot the BZ critic Robert Ullmann” A concert like no other, This Band Pebble Stones is like a ” Super group out of Offenburg”. The Double-Bass from Uwe Boschert , really groovy, Martin Bilger on Percussions, great with structure and decent. Klaus Wörner (Dobro and lead acoustic Guitar), just like Mr. Bilger from the Band “Versagendes Deo” with wonderful flowing, to the point solos and touching the sound of Slimy Mississippi-Delta or the dusty Southern-feeling, the sound crystallises in your Ears, strong and relaxing. In the centre of it all is Garry Shaw , just like Mr. Boschert from the long going inactive Band “Lemon Souls”. He has got a strong expressive form of singing. It is great to see how he lives through and suffers through his Songs. Man can see and feel the aggression, respectfulness and longing for his songs. He can sing Ballads as also his form from Blues, he's got Penthos and Bite, he is inspired and dives into the Goshen-Lyrics of Lou Reed, the radical social critic the Punk, or the psychedelic laid-back stile from J.J.Cale. The Man left over is Jörg Hansert (from the Band “Unnötig wie e Kropf “ “Trap the Gap”)an excellent Folk musician playing the Fiddle and Mandolin. The contrast between him and Shaw or Wörner gives the Band his own special sound. The song repertoire the Pebble Stones is exciting. There gives Lou Reed songs with fiddle and Dobro, country like played Tom Wait song. The sound works really good because the Band does not imitate they play there own thing. REFERENCES Here are but a few selected samples of the very many references we have received from hosts and event managers over the years: ……..the very best atmosphere with Fidel Tastro. On the occasion of the 15 th anniversary of our firm, Fiedel Tastro played for our Open Day. With carefully chosen and finely arranged pieces, FT presented folk music in the best tradition and for every generation. No monotonous background music this, but neither is it demanding concert music. Indeed it is just the right mix for a party where some want to listen to the music and others want to chat – with the music of FT, both were perfectly catered for. FT simply provided good music, which, in turn, created a great atmosphere. Highly recommended! ……….your wonderful music was the high point of our wedding party. With great feeling for the right moment, you motivated everyone to dance and got the whole party going with you, ensuring that our family and friends all mixed freely together in the great atmosphere. Your music turned our wedding into a wonderful memorable occasion. And whenever we listen to y our CD, we relive it all again! ……….your music at once puts people in good mood, it's so full of life and fire - it's almost impossible to sit still! Some pieces were rather familiar but others were really exotic, but always very poetic. The guests as well as the host enjoyed a musical trip through the whole of Europe. (The Association against Sexual Abuse to Children and Adults in Ortenau) ………..your performance at my firm's anniversary celebrations was a complete success. Many of my guests came back to me later with enthusiastic comments on the event. For me personally the most wonderful moment was dancing to your music. ………..on various occasions such as the opening of our new water works or the official opening of the Town Hall Square, the group Fidel Tastro created just the right ambiance. Music that went down equally well with both old and young. At an afternoon event for senior citizens too they were greatly appreciated and showed their flexibility by getting the guests to sing along to local songs. Municipality of Neuried ……….an international gathering of different ages – many of the guests didn't know each other. This can easily result in a very stiff atmosphere! But J. and D's engaging music and natural charm soon swept away all stiffness and had every one of the guests up dancing. After that everyone was in the highest spirits…….the wedding party was a resounding success! ………..FT has often played in our institution in Waldkirch for handicapped adults. On the feast of the Epiphany they took everyone there on a beautiful musical Odyssey through various European countries. Everybody was delighted and swept along by the wonderful music and ended the evening with a lively round-dance together. ………at our family gathering FT really got the guests involved and brought a smile to every face. J and D create such a good mood with their music that old and young suddenly found themselves all joining together in a round-dance – music that really brings people together! ………..whether at a 40 th or 65 th birthday party: the lively happy music of FT is infectious and makes legs want move to the magic rhythm of a waltz or round-dance. Long after the party our guests were still talking about FT's free and easy manner of encouraging both young and old to try out some new steps. Ha'penny Bridge at Algolsheim, Alsace: “The evening was so successful that it exceeded all our expectations. We were even forced to turn away so many people who wanted to get in.” Patrick Behra, President of the Algolsheim cultural association “Clin d'Oeil” Ha'penny Bridge at Savouret, Alsace: “…….he (George Carruthers) sings, plays the concertina and has the public laughing at his Irish anecdotes. ……In the purest tradition of Irish sessions, H.B. knows how to communicate the joy of Irish traditional music on fiddle, flute, guitar and concertina. ……. One thing is sure: judging by the enthusiasm shown by the spectators yesterday evening, there is ready public for this type of (traditional) concert.” Liberté de l'Est (Alsatian daily newspaper) MUSIC CLASSES Daniela Hansert, State-recognized music teacher, has been teaching music on a free-lance basis since 1997 in the following subjects: Early Musical Education - group classes for children 4 – 6 years old In this group, the children are introduced to music in a humorous and playful way. This consists of singing, playing, vocal rhythm, elementary instrumental playing with Orff instruments, movement and dancing, thus teaching them to become aware of, and to enjoy, their own bodies. It also includes getting to know individual instruments, constructing their own instruments, and first contact with musical theory and practice. The four subsequent courses are based on a free interpretation of the music-school programme “Music and Dance for Children” Accordion Classes For beginners and advanced, children and adults. After enjoying a stimulating accordion instruction, the student can then continue the learning process with pieces from various traditions such as French musette and dances, folk music, klezmer, classic, pop and much more, depending on the individual taste. Recorder Classes For beginners and advanced. By the use of games and play, the children first get to know musical notation and learn to play simple songs on the instrument. In subsequent courses they continue with polyphony and group playing in the classical, folk and pop sphere. Fiddle Classes J.H's playing is the result of close contact with the living folk style of the west coast of Ireland and his many years of experience as a wandering minstrel in eastern and western Europe. These fiddle classes are aimed primarily at those who are interested in the Irish traditional style. Typical pieces such as jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes will be introduced and rhythmical stress and ornamentation will be taught. This could be the incentive for musicians (or those who would like to become one) to move beyond the classical sphere and explore and enjoy the other aspects of their instrument.